NPP loyalty or not loyalty? my take on Blay!

I have listened to people and I do share the layalty argument made by a lot of people regarding the Layalty of Mr Ntim and Freddie Blay in NPP Chairmanship race. However, I find it quite difficult to attribute insufficient loyalty solely to Blay to discredit him.

You see, during Freddie’s stay in parliament, we all know that he fully allied himself with NPP. Eventually, the NPP/Kufour’s govt appointed him as the 1st deputy speaker of parliament, instead of appointing a bona-fide member member of NPP.

In all material times, Freddie stayed loyal to the cause of NPP govt and supported all our gov’t decision making.

After that, Blay openly held a press conference in Accra to join NPP.

After years, Freddie contested to become a nationwide 1st Vice Chairman of the party, of which he won hands down.

After that, Blay took bold decision to steer the affairs of the party in times of difficulty, defying the Chairman Afoko’s diabolical authority, by calling for Steering Committee meetings and that of National Council Meetings, which Afoko and Agyapong have deliberately refused to call.

Blay could have shelved the petition to remove Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong or he could have been intimated not to set up the disciplinary Committee that investigated the duo, leading to their removal from office, but Blay did the right thing.

After the duo’s suspension, we all saw the lashings and bashings from left, right, centre on his person from the camps of Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong, yet he stayed focused, no shaking, through to see the victory for NPP in 2016 general elections.

Up till today, no one has demonstrated any tangible faults or deficiencies about him which are detrimental to his character or leadership style or can affect the chances of NPP in 2020.

So, looking at all these attributes about Freddie Blay, how do we define Loyalty in NPP? Is it by long years of Membership in the party or by total commitment to the cause of the party?

I ask, if it isn’t actually broken, why should we force ourselves to fix it?

Peter Antwi Boasiako

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