NPP supporters petition national leadership over 1st Vice Chair’s suspension

Dozens of supporters of the governing New Patriotic Party from the Central Region on Thursday besieged the party’s Headquarters in Accra, to present a petition requesting for the reinstatement of the region’s 1st Vice-Chairman, Horace Ekow Ewusi.

The supporters drawn from the 23 constituencies of the region accused the party’s Regional Chairman, Robert Kutin Jnr., of hiding behind a faceless petitioner, Edward Okraku Adum, to suspend the 1st Vice-chairman, who he considers a threat to his chairmanship position.

Ekow Ewusi was suspended on Monday by the Chairman after he refused to respond to a petition accusing him of engaging in criminal acts including drug peddling, escaping from prison in the UK, as well as illegally auctioning seized excavators from mining sites.

The protesters said;

“The Regional Chairman hasn’t done anything for the constituency but Ekow Ewusi has done a lot. People are crying that NPP is not performing but minister Ewusi has been able to support people with laptops. He has also given the Nasara executive pick-ups, he has also been able to cater for a lot of students in the region.”

“This will not work, we will not allow them if our issues are not addressed we will advice ourselves. Without Ekow Ewusi will not vote.”

“The Central Region is in a serious problem without Ekow Ewusi. The national executives must come down and listen to us.”

Supporters of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Central Region demonstrated on Thursday against their Regional Chairman.

They accused Chairman Robert Kutin of taking some unfair decisions against some executives of the party in the region.

According to the angry demonstrators, Chairman Kutin is the reason for the cracks in the party in the region.

They added that the party may lose the 2020 elections if chairman Kutin does not resign.

Some angry demonstrators who spoke to Citi News on Thursday indicated that, suspended Vice Chairman of the party, Ekow Horace Ewudzi must be reinstated if the party wants to win the 2020 elections.


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