NSA rejects new GAA executives

The National Sports Authority (NSA) says it will not recognise the newly-elected executives of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) since the election was illegal.

Last Saturday’s congress of the GAA overwhelmingly renewed the mandate of Prof Francis Dodoo as the president of the association for another four-year term.

However, the NSA rejected the outcome of the elections, describing it as illegal and not meeting the conditions under which congress could be convened. It, therefore, called for “fresh elections to be conducted within the confines of the law”.

“The Authority in no uncertain terms condemns this irresponsible behaviour of certain individuals in GAA for disregarding the advice of the Authority and for disrespecting the constitution of GAA to go ahead to elect new officers”, their statement said.

According to the NSA, per the constitution of the GAA, before elections could be conducted a 42-day prior notification must be given to the Annual General Assembly (AGA) and a 30-day notice to the Special General Assembly (SGA) which it claimed were ignored by the GAA.

That, the NSA argued, was a breach of Section 13.3 and Section 13.8 of the Association’s constitution, as well as that of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Although the NSA admitted that it received a written notification before the election was conducted, it maintained that the three days notice breached the 42 days advanced notice required.

“The NSA learnt on August 15, 2019 through a letter dated August 14, 2019, written and signed by Fuseini Bawah, announcing Elective Congress on Saturday, August 17, three days’ notice before election (breaching their 42 days of advance notice).”

The NSA also claimed that the Secretary General who issued the notice for the Congress had been transferred to another association (thriathlon) and could not hold himself as the right person to issue notice for the congress.

“The Authority established also that many members were absent from Congress and were not given the chance to file their nominations to contest for the elections”, the statement noted.

It stated further that the election was neither observed by any member of the Authority, nor was it organised in any NSA facility, adding that despite a series of warning to the Association to desist from holding the elections, the GAA went ahead by ignoring due process.

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