Nsawam Police ‘scoop out’ man’s eye ball

An Nsawam Sakyikrom pub operator is nursing his eyes and ear injuries after three police detectives from the District Headquarters turned his face and head into a punching bag.

Handcuffed and thrown into a taxi, Detectives Addo and Solo and one Police Assistant, the pub operator said, punched him on the head and face several times until his intelligence quotient was displaced.

Emmanuel Akotua Owusu, 50, popularly known as Nana Kofi, who is also a commercial driver, operates his own pub in the Nsawam suburb of Sakyikrom.

He told The Chronicle that sometime in December 2018, he refused to sell a non-alcoholic beverage to a certain Fante-Fante, a junior pastor in the area, due to a lingering spiritual issue between him, Emmanuel Akotua and Domeabra, the Senior Pastor of Fante-Fante.

“Two different rituals were performed on my site where I am putting up a building project, and when some of the area boys spotted Fante-Fante as the one behind the rituals, he mentioned his Senior Pastor Domeabra as the one who sent him to perform those rituals on my property,” Emmanuel Akotua alleged.

Based on this, he summoned Domeabra before the traditional rulers of the area, and whilst the matter was being heard, he declined doing business with anybody associated with the pastor until the matter was determined and settled.

And so one morning in December, when Fante-Fante went to the pub to purchase a bottle of coke, Emmanuel Akotua said he refused to sell him the drink and asked the customer to leave the spot.

“Fante-Fante insisted that I sell the drink to him, but because the spiritual case between his ‘father’ and me had not been settled, so I refused to sell the drink to him and I shoved him out,” he narrated.

Later in the day, he said two attired police personnel came to him at the pub, inviting him to the Nsawam Police Headquarters for allegedly assaulting Fante-Fante.

Business was booming that day, in view of that, he said, he pleaded with the police personnel to give him up to 4pm the same day, when his younger daughter would have returned from school to take over from him, so that he would report himself. The police personnel accepted the explanation and left.

“Not too long after, Detectives Solo, Addo and one Police Assistant rushed here to scream at me and demanded that I close the spot and follow them to the police station.

“In fact, Detective Solo’s temper was high and so I tried to calm him down, and in my attempt to explain why I could not answer the call of the police immediately, the two uniformed personnel came and held the waist of my trousers and dragged me out of the counter.

“Before I could say ‘Jack’, Detective Addo had held the other side of my waist and they treated me like a common thief.

“Immediately some of the customers saw the scene at the entrance of the pub and rushed to plead for me, one of the detectives quickly handcuffed me at my back and pushed me into a waiting taxi and sped off,” Emmanuel Akotua narrated.

Inside the cab, he said the two detectives turned his face and head into a punching bag, “and in fact, at a point I did not know whether I was alive. I think one last hefty blow from one of them gave me a new life, and before I knew it, I was at the Charge Office.

“I requested for water but nobody would attend to me. Not too long after, my cousins and younger brothers arrived at the police station.”

Emmanuel Akotua Owusu said he was later given a police medical form for medical attention, which he had already returned to the police, who are yet to process him for court for allegedly assaulting his customer, Fante-Fante.

“I have been waiting for months now and nobody is saying anything to me. At the moment, I can hardly see, and I sometimes feel sharp burns in my head and [an] echo in my left ear,” he said, shedding some tears.

The Chronicle followed up at the Nsawam District Police Headquarters last Saturday and one personnel, who pleaded anonymity, corroborated the matter and mentioned Inspector Frempong as the Crime Officer on duty when the brutality happened.

The police personnel declined to give the contact number of Inspector Frempong who they claimed had travelled.

The Chronicle has, however, sighted the medical report dated December 12, 2018, which said Emmanuel Akotua appeared at the Nsawam Government Hospital on an alleged assault complaint. And according to medical doctor’s findings, the victim’s right eye lens had been dislocated, had hazy right vitnerus and severe bilateral subconjuctival haemorrhage.


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