#Number12: Anas exposes Nyantakyi again

Ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has again exposed former Ghana Football Association president Kwesi Nyantakyi for the numerous allegations made in his press statement issued on Monday.

A portion of the eight pages statement by Mr Nyantakyi says he took $40,000 from TigerEyePI crew stead of $65,000 that has been mentioned.

The former FIFA Council Member claims the amount summed up to his travel expenses which was supposed to be funded by his so-called business partners.

Below is a portion of Mr Nyantakyi’s statement:

I was handed the sum of $40.000 only in eight (8) bundles of US$ 50 banknotes but not $65,000 which both I and the Sheikh’s agent understood to be reimbursement for the travel costs incurred by me, at the Sheikh’s request.

It is very easy to confirm how much was given to me from the videotapes. The money was exposed before I was tricked to put in the bag personally.

A critical review of the video clip will reveal that when the money was handed to me, there was no mention of shopping. A different video has a voice emerging from a faceless speaker saying “shopping for now”.

This insertion of an overriding voice was clearly an afterthought.

Based on the agreement with Suale, the $40,000 was a refund and not a gift or bribe. It’s disingenuous to purport to donate a gift when the donor owes a lawful debt for the cost of travels.

The question that beats my mind is why Tiger Eye lied about the amount of money given to me. Why was the viewing public not allowed to perceive what they saw and heard on the video themselves? Why run commentaries to deceive the viewing public?

However, the ace undercover journalist has released the full details of his travelling expenses.

Below is the full documents:

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