Nurse narrates how bullet fired at moving taxi damaged his eye

A community health nurse in Navrongo has narrated how he lost his eyes from a bullet that was fired into a taxi he was travelling in.

Cephas Pagayiri, had just a week to complete a sandwich programme he was undertaking at the Navrongo Campus of the University of Development Studies (UDS) when the unfortunate incident happened.

He was shot on his way to drop a few belongings he was sending home in anticipation of his final exit from campus.

In an interview with C J Forson on Adom 106.3 FM’s Dwaso Nsem show on Tuesday, Cephas narrated the horrific story of how he has had to endure life without his sight as well as sense of smell since August 29, 2019.

JoyNews/AdomNews · Nurse narrates how a stray bullet fired into a moving taxi damaged his eye

Cephas said on the day of the incidence, he had boarded the Bolgatanga-bound taxi when he felt a sharp pain below his eye region but didn’t immediately know what had happened because he was tired and asleep.

“It was some few seconds later that I was awakened by the other passengers in the taxi who told me that I had been shot,” he narrated.

According to him, passengers in the taxi after having witnessed him being shot, feared for their lives and screamed at the driver to drive them out of the shooting zone.

Rushed to the hospital

Cephas said he was later rushed to the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital and was admitted for two months after which he was told by the doctors that he had lost both eyes due to the extensive damage caused by the bullets.

Cephas’ right cheek, nose, and eyes have had to be replaced with artificial ones by doctors at the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital.

Police report

After making a report of the incident in August last year, Cephas said he was interrogated just once by the police, but has since not heard anything from them on the progress made in their investigations.

Asked if he had issues with anyone, Cephas replied in the negative, saying he wondered why someone would want to hurt him.

 Cephas said although he has received numerous supports from people, he hopes to regain his sight as it has affected him in many ways.

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