Okraku-Mantey can do the job of Deputy Tourism Minister well – Socrate Safo

Ghanaian filmmaker and former Director for Creative Arts at the National Commission on Culture (NCC), Socrate Safo has said it won't be a bad idea if Mark Okraku Mantey is appointed Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

The President of the Republic had on Thursday, January 21, 2021 released his first batch of Ministers who will support him in his second term.

The other portfolios such as Deputy Ministers, CEOs, Ambassadors, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives(MMDCEs) among others are yet to be announced.

Naturally, this has heightened expectations as to who gets what in the next release of Government Appointees.

To Socrate Safo, he's confident in the leadership role of Mark Okraku Mantey and believes if appointed, he will do an excellent job.

"I know one of Mark's dreams is to be appointed as deputy tourism minister which I pray comes true. In the first place, when it comes to serving the party, he has done it all and when it comes to the industry as well, he knows the technicality so for me alone, I will be more than happy if Mark is appointed. I am for Mark, he is an industry person, he has served the party, he understands the real issues of the sector. When he combines with Dr Awal, they'll do an excellent job" he said on the 'Best Entertainment Show' Monday morning, January 25, 2021 on Okay 101.7 FM.

The host of the show, Halifax Ansah-Addo in addition backed the reasons assigned by Socrate and said, "Beyond every reasonable doubt, I'm confident Mark Okraku Mantey is more than qualify for the position people are lobbying for. I hope the lobbyist put out a classic campaign to convince President Akufo-Addo to nominate him. He can do the job and I wish him well".

Source: Justice Walker Junior, Contributor

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