Omane Boamah writes…Behold 2020, the year of queues

Protecting the public purse means ensuring efficiency in business operations and raking in more revenue. Who is going to pay for the total cost of the SIM card registration? Citizens, telcos, and government.

Therefore, the National ID registration process should have been an opportunity to register SIM cards and address other forms of critical Identification and tracking problems.

This would have saved Ghanaians the ordeal of multiple queues and loss of precious time.

Another missed opportunity!

In 2020, Ghanaians will queue to register their SIM cards, queue once again to register as new voters, queue another time to check their names in the new voters register before they queue the fourth time in the election year to vote in the general elections.

This is the price/punishment a people suffer when policy implementation is not aligned properly with other ongoing national programs.

Ghana deserves better.

Columnist: Edward Omane Boamah

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