One on one with Bessa Simons as he explains manifesto

Musiga presidential hopeful Bessa Simons has promised unity, accountability and greater transparency at Musiga when given the nod as the new Musiga president in the upcoming elections.

He made this statement in an interview on Showbiz Agenda live on Zylofon 102.1FM hosted by Sammy Flex as part of his media campaign on radio.

The Awoyi and Belembe hitmaker outlined some of the objectives in his manifesto being One musician, one instrument agenda, workshops to link musicians to the international market, to secure grants to enhance and educate members, to promote and preserve Ghanaian culture through early education and to strengthen the Musiga regional branches.

The rest of the objectives were to encourage each region to be self-reliant through fundraising and to help musicians to be creative as well.

“I am determined to do this job because i have many years of experience from the United Kingdom and i have also done enough to support the current administration” he added.

In another development, Bessa Simons has described his main competitor Ras Appiah Levi as a man who just talks and cannot deliver anything when given the chance. He urged the Musiga electorates to ignore Ras Appiah Caleb and his lies in the campaign leading to the elections in June 2019.

“Ras Appiah Caleb is a liar. He can`t bring a dime to Musiga when given the nod as the president of Musiga. All he is interested in is to be driving cars all over without even repairing or maintaining them when they develop faults” Bessa Simons revealed.

Get full details in the interview below.

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