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Opare-Nyante Has Made GPHA a Bulwark For Akufo-Addo – Ofoe Teye

The Deputy Manager of Tema Port Security at the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) and Tema East NPP Chairman, Nene Ofoe-Teyechu Agbadiagba lV is extoling his boss as an excellent appointee of President Akufo-Addo.

In a tirade of appreciation, Nene Agbadiagba describes Col. Emmanuel Opare Nyante as one of the president’s most resourceful officeholders under the president.

“It used to be in the past that the Tema port was often in the news for security breaches and challenges but under Col. Opare-Nyante, those stories have all ceased.

The GPHA is now a security bulwark that President Akufo-Addo can be proud of and it’s all because of the extraordinary talent and tactics that the good Colonel has brought to the job,” he said.

According Nene Agbadiagba lV, the reason why stories about smuggling at the ports are not common for instance is that, Col. Opare-Nyante has intensified a regime of intensive security patrols at the port’s anchorage.

And in addition to the intensive patrols, a network of security cameras at the place has also made the Port Security department of the GPHA all-seeing eyes on activities in and around.“as a result, criminal activities which used to be rampant have all but ceased, including the smuggling of contraband goods and even premixed fuel products.”

Nene Agbadiagba lV also said the GPHA’s emergency impulses have also sharpened with the Authority’s rescue operations very responsive during crisis, especially at sea.“the reason why piracy, which used to rampantly spill over into Ghanaian seas from seas of neighbouring countries is because of the strong muscle that the port security department has been showing against the crime.

Recently, a vessel named Segulla sunk at sea and Col. Opare-Nyanteh and his lieutenants were quick with a rescue mission that led to the saving of several lives and property.”

Over the months, Col. Opare-Nyanteh has also been praised for his smooth collaboration with top management of the GPHA, especially the Director General, Mr. Michael Luguje and the Director of Port, Mrs Sandra Opoku.

“I must say that whatever sterling performance that the Port security office is putting out is due to the fine collaboration that we have with the Director General, the Director of Port and other top staff of the GPHA,” Nene Ofoeteyechu Agbadiagba lV said.

He also praised Col. Nyante for his smooth collaboration with fishers in the area, “so that even when misunderstandings arise, such as people fishing close to anchorage, we are able to solve them easily and amicably,” he said.

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