Open letter to the President: Akufo-Addo superintending over lawlessness

Dear Mr. President,

I am supposed to write to you this day with joy but I’m battered by an awe of absolute perplexities.

Mr. President I am appalled, engraved and ashamed by the wanton controversies surrounding your substandard administration.

Ghanaians are bewildered and scandalized by this sham and insipid of an administration that is not finding it feet.

Mr. President your inept family and friends administration has been characterize by lawlessness and in
a ridiculously attempt to save its sinking image by trying to gag media freedom looking at how the offices of modern Ghana, an online media platform was raided.

Mr. President as a supposed human rights activist it is under your tenure in the annals of our administration that high profile media persons have been threatened and others assassinated.

The murder of the famous Ahmed Suale of tiger eye PI, the once exiled Manasseh Azure and the continuous and open vilification of an internationally recognized investigative under cover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas under your government.

Mr. President wherever the media is muzzled, muffled checks and balances are weakened’, freedom of expression is a pillar of a democratic state.

Mr. President in your maiden speech to the good people of Ghana, you tasked us to be “citizens but not
spectators” as ascribed by John F. Kennedy “conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth”, we refuse to be praise singers but subject you to constructive critique.

Mr. President in the history of this republic, you are the only leader that has gone nugatory to his profession and has incited violence by your emboldened political party thugs and mercenaries against the people who are serving as a watchdog of your administration.

It will be morally treasonable Mr. President not to subject the excesses of your administration to check.
Under your nose, a security personnel was dastardly molested and victimized by your party thugs without punitive sanctions meted out to them.

Mr. President an open court was raided and victims freed by your party hoodlums without recourse to law.

The Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election still rings a bell as you have shamelessly laid the report under
your pillow to aid your comfortable resting but you are superciliously trying to carve public sympathy by
drafting an obnoxious bill to halt an act of vigilantism which you are a president.

Mr. President your newly drafted public university bill to parliament is an attempt to control and subject
university education to a political influence. The attempt to appoint majority to the university council and to also give total power and control to the minister of education is an attempt to muffle opinionated lecturers of these institution who shape public discourse in our governance system.

Mr. President we have absolute hope that you will do the necessary by living a foot print of a good
generational mark that is worth emulating. Subjecting you to constructive critique does not make us enemies to your government or spectators but lovers who will want to see you succeed. Governance is about churning out policies and programs to benefit the citizenry.

God bless Ghana…

Thank you
Robert Dambo (Deputy National Treasurer, People’s National Convention)
(0548886445 0577646377)

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