Orange for beauty – How to reverse aging with JUST Orange

Oranges are not just good for food, but a great source of vitamin C.

Oranges are also known to be an important ingredient in natural beauty regimen.

This fruit belonging to the citric family can be used together with other natural products to exfoliate the skin.

The simple orange exfoliator regimen leaves the skin clean, smooth and radiant.

How to exfoliate with orange

It is advisable to use 2 tbsp of orange juice mixed with a tbsp of baking soda and a tsp of honey if you have an oily skin.

On the other hand, if you have a dry skin can combine 2 tbsp of orange juice mixed with 1 tbsp of sugar and a tsp of honey.

Mix the ingredients together and gently rub this mixture on the face and neck in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes.

Wash face thoroughly with a lot of lukewarm water.

It works as a whitening exfoliator and removes grime, dead skin cells, sweat, dust, blackheads from the pores uncovering smooth, clean and plumper skin underneath the dull skin layers.

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