Over 100 Cars Left in the Bush to rot, When will the madness stop in Ghana – Captain Smart

Many things happen in the political world that it is always above every sane person’s thoughts. In some bush somewhere in Accra, Spintex opposite shell filling station are numerous flashy cars packed and left over there for only God knows what reason. Captain Smart and his crew managed to get get video footages of these fleet of cars packed to rot.

The cars are more than 100 and a brand from VW and according Ekua Sarpomah an investigativejournalist, the cars belongs to the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre, MASLOC and are left over there for an unknown reason. They have built a very long stretch of wall around it and it is gated. The heartbreaking part of it is there is even someone there as a security gaurd to the cars.

What kind of country are we in now. These fleet of over 100 cars left to rot in the bush is all a waste of our resources and no one is talking about it. People take loans from them, they pay back and they get money out of their interest and this is what they are using it for?.

These cars according to Ekua Sarpomah was brought to where they have been packed early this year. No one have come to move even one car since they were brought there and they haven’t added to it as well. She is calling on the CEO for MASLOC, Mr. Stephen Amoah to attend to this as early as possible before these cars goes to waste.

Captain Smart after Ekua Sarpomah landed said for him he will never blame anyone but the chief of staff, Akosua Frema Osei-Opare who is popularly called Frema Opare for this. He said he doesn’t like talking or hitting on females so much but she is pushing him hard to the wall and very soon he will start to descend on her. When will all these madness stop in Ghana.

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