Owusu Bempah uses unprintable words on pastors who don’t vote

Founder and leader of Glorious Word and Power Ministry International Church, Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah has described as “fools” colleague pastors who have refused to exercise their franchise and or have criticized him and others for openly declaring their support for political parties.

During a sermon, Rev. Owusu Bempah who has been scolded by many following his affiliation to the governing New Patriotic Party said without mincing words that it was ridiculous and foolish for any pastor to stay away from partisan politics.

He argued that pastors, like other citizens, must have a say in who becomes the leader of the country as people who are voted into office make laws, formulate and implement policies which affect every entity in the country.

“A certain pastor says he does not vote. If you don’t vote, you are a fool,” he fumed.

“I say it without excuse because your refusal to vote means someone will be taking decisions for you. And when people vote and choose a leader, what that means is whether you like it or not, whatever the said leader initiates, you must follow. So you can’t tell me you’re a pastor but care less about politics. I’m telling you that people who are voted for, can come up with a legislation against Christianity.”

Citing instances from the Bible to back his remarks, Owusu Bempah said:

“When Joseph was at Pharaoh’s palace, there was no law which was made against the Jews. Those pastors who have been speaking against colleagues for their involvement in politics, I tell you that if God does not intervene, a time will come that there will be a decree that Christianity be proscribed in Ghana.

“If we are not careful, a time will come Christianity will be crippled and other religions lifted. You call yourself a man of God but speaks against pastors on the basis that they are NPP, NDC.”

He continued: “Zedekiah was a priest but he openly supported Ahab. Elijah openly made it known to Ahab that he Elijah doesn’t like him because Ahab was worshipping idols. If I, Owusu Bempah sees that you’re a king or president who worships idols, you can never be my friend. Never!”

I have made a lot of enemies because of NPP – Owusu Bempah

Few weeks ago, the controversial preacher mentioned that he had made enemies following his prophecies for the NPP. He has on countless occasions said that former president John Mahama will fail in his bid to rule the country again, stressing that God has rejected him.

“I hear people saying that President John Mahama could come again. In the spiritual realm, it is not so. Someone can say NDC can win the election but to me, not with former president John Mahama. If they bring Mahama thousand times, he will lose a thousand times. Mahama can’t be president again in Ghana,” he insists.

In the midst of the backlash, he reiterated that he was not harboring any hatred for the NDC nor Mr. Mahama.

He said: “Those people who hate me have suddenly forgotten that the same God has used me and prophesied for them to win elections in this country and came to government.

Those time they came and took me to Abokobi where we fasted and prayed and they won the election…that time I was not an NDC Man of God but when God revealed to me something that did not favour them I have become an enemy to the NDC. Not all NDC members hate me, some of them hate me.”


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