Pastors are the cause of accidents in Ghana – Minister

Deputy Transport Minister, Daniel Titus Glover, believes preaching on buses is one of the major causes of motor accidents in the country.

To him, the praise and worship songs that usually come along with the sermon could destruct the attention of drivers and possibly cause accidents.

Mr Titus-Glover’s concerns come in the wake of the ghastly crash involving two huge buses at Mankron near Suhum on the Accra-Kumasi Highway early Wednesday which killed at least ten people.

In an interview on Accra FM, the MP for Tema West admonished Ghanaians, particularly drivers to adopt road safety measures at all time to save lives.
Mr Titus-Glover said: “At every opportunity, we need to talk against indiscipline on our roads as part of the fight against accidents.

“One of the things I have noticed in recent times which I have communicated to the driver unions, is the trend where some pastors preach in buses.

“I am not against preaching; religion is very good and I am a Christian, but when the driver is driving and a pastor is preaching, it has the propensity of dividing his attention, some of the drivers are passionate about religion, and, so, when they get soaked too much into what the preacher is saying at that moment, his attention will be divided.

“I have told the driver unions that they must not allow anybody to sell medicines or preach in the buses. Road safety is a shared responsibility.”

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  1. I disagree with you minister.
    have u forgotten that the preachers before they proclaim the word of God
    also commits the journey into the hand of God to send them peacefully to their destinations.

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