Patapaa has a new message for fans

Patapaa has bounced back on social media after a long break since he tied the knot with German sweetheart, Liha Miller.

Well, the bubbly musician who made headlines after grabbing the pretty German lady, married her last year.

A picture they say is a thousand words; Patapaa’s latest post on Instagram, one year after marriage says it all. The picture of the “One Corner” hitmaker says it all. Marriage is indeed a sweet thing.

About the message he sent to fans, it’s not just heart-warming but totally uplifting.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. I’m fully focused. Something Hot is cooking,” he said on his Instagram Page.

Patapaa took advantage of the moment to hint fans of a new banger he is still working on.

The Ghanaian musician married a beautiful German woman on January, 2, 2020 in Accra. The couple survived a minor accident shortly after the colourful ceremony. All has been calm since that time, with industry watchers anticipating something new from the talented Patapaa.

Finally, Patapaa is back and is focused on “cooking something hot” for his fans. So, keep your fingers crossed.

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