PDS saga: Patriotic Amewu must be commended – Alex Mould

A former Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) Alex Mould says Energy Minister Peter Amewu must be commended for calling out PDS over the alleged forged documents they presented for the ECG takeover.

The minister told the media government suspended the PDS deal because fraud was detected in their documents by the government of Ghana.

“The announcement of suspension was as a result of a breach problem. There was a breach in the payment security. There was some element of fraud in executing the payment security. The payment was not conclusive,” he noted after the government had issued a statement suspending the deal.

Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr Chat Wednesday, Mr. Mould said Mr Amewu proved he is a patriot by openly speaking against the PDS deal.

“We must give Amewu the credit of being patriotic and speaking up for the right thing, he did great…and I’m impressed with him”.

PDS was supposed to manage the operations of ECG for 20 years starting from Friday, March 1, 2019 but government was forced to suspend the agreement with immediate effect as a precautionary measure.

However, ECG which was to take full control of power distribution in the country has handed a substantial part of the job back to the suspended PDS.

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