Pelosi urges Ghana, USA unity, sacrifice for children’s better future

The United States House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a historic address to Ghana’s Parliament on Wednesday, called for Ghana and the United States of America (USA) to forge ahead and continue to sacrifice for a better future for their children.

“Together, we can bring about a better future for our children- the better world that so many in both our nations sacrificed to build,” the Speaker said to cheers from the Legislators, in Accra, as she recalled the historic bonds between Accra and Washington.

The Speaker, who is leading a US Congressional delegation on a three-day visit to Ghana, thanked the Government and People of Ghana for forging peace, both nationally, continentally and through an actively supporting Peace Corps efforts and participation in global peacekeeping missions.

Ms Pelosi underscored the need to achieve justice, with a note that six decades after Ghana pioneering Africa’s independence struggle and achievement, “the world once again depends on Ghana to be a force to advance justice.”

The Speaker anchored hope on justice, that, “justice is the foundation of hope,” and stressed that young people, in particular, have hope in the future.

She reaffirmed America’s commitment to Ghana’s economic progress, which she said was enshrined and advanced over the course of many years through the Millennium Challenge partnership and in the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

She urged the Governments of the two nations to continue to support what she called “smart development strategies” that spur sustainable economic growth and lift up all families in Ghana and Africa.

Ms Pelosi praised Ghana as a leader in intra- African trade, but called for more to be done to diversify economies and encourage trade throughout the continent for the creation of regional security and stability necessary to achieve prosperity across West Africa.

She further stressed the need to create educational and economic opportunities that allowed every student and worker, with focus on women and girls to climb the ladders of opportunity.

Equally, she called for health justice, access and fair distribution of health care delivery, and prevent devastating public health crises, but to forge a more equal and fair future where every person has access to basic health care, hammering that, “we must strive for the eradication of disease,” as she denounced accessibility to health care on geographical locations.

“We cannot accept a world in which where one is born determines whether they have access to the quality, affordable to care and services they need to healthy fulfilling lives,” the Speaker said, adding, ”health care is a right, not a privilege for every person, in every country”.

Ms Pelosi further called on the two nations to achieve environmental justice, through combatting the climate crisis, which she said was the existential threat of “our time.”

On peacekeeping, Ms Pelosi announced her pleasure of meeting with Peace Corps volunteers in Ghana, and reported that 3000 Ghanaian men and women were working day and night to advance the safety and stability “from the Middle East to Mali; the DRC to Darfur.

Ms Pelosi pledged that America would continue to look to Ghana as a partner in advancing security and peace and upholding human rights and opportunities for all.

Ms Pelosi’s visit reportedly marks the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved Africans being sent to the United States.

She presented a replica of the mace of the US House of Representatives to the House.

The Reverend Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye, the Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament, expressed appreciation to Speaker Pelosi, for the address, which he described as inspiring, and recognised the presence of former President Jerry Rawlings and wife Konadu, former Speaker Doe Adjaho, former Clerks and, his (Speaker’s) better half, Albertha.

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