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People blame me for Odartey Lamptey’s messy divorce – Wife

Ruweida Yakubu, the wife of former Black Stars player Nii Odartey Lamptey, has opened up on how she deals with the issues surrounding her husband and his ex-wife, Gloria Odartey Lamptey.

According to her, it was not pleasant for a woman to get caught in the middle of such a situation, but she still tried to perform her duty as a wife.

“I am a human being. I have feelings, and when the whole divorce brouhaha started, I was also sad for him. I tried to encourage him and asked him to be patient, supporting him and helping him with prayers to help him out of his challenges,” she said.

Mrs Yakubu, who is now into tennis, said in the whole brouhaha, she and her husband have been able to lay low and take things slowly.

Speaking about her ordeal on Accra-based TV3, she said people even made derogatory comments against her on social media, but she tries hard to take them in her stride and move on.

“The last time something came up, and people were on social media making harsh commentaries, saying that my husband is too soft, was not man enough and urging him to go and attack his ex and lots of harsh words, I felt that was too much for him and even the kids.

“I have had people attack me verbally, and I remember one time in a market, a woman saw me and started hurling insults at me that I am the cause of the mess, but I didn’t talk. But, as a family, we are dealing with it on a low level,” she said.

The ex-footballer married madam Yakubu following the dissolution of his first marriage to his ex-wife, Gloria Appiah.

This was after DNA tests on all three children they had while together proved he was not the father.


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