PNC declare their stance on Spousal Salary recommendation

The PNC has noted with disdain and disgust a media publication purporting to be the  position of the Party on the raging issue on the decision by the Presidential Committee  Emoluments to recommend for payment 9f salaries to the spouses of the President and  the Vice President. 

Like majority of Ghanaians, the Party does not associate with such a recommendation and  hereby disassociate itself from the statement in the media space purporting our support  for such a weird and incomprehensible recommendation. 

The mandate of the Presidential Emoluments Committee is express and limited to public  officers who are spelt out clearly under Article 71 of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic  of Ghana. Nowhere in the Constitution are the names of the First and Second Ladies  captured as public officers with a right to benefit from the privileges of Article 71. 

In fact, the public rage and outcry that has arisen out of this recommendation will not allow  a socialist-oriented party like the PNC to abandon the masses and endorse a subtle attempt  by the ruling class to fleece the already pressurised public purse. 

Indeed, even if there is any urgent or plausible need for the spouses of the President and  the Vice President to be roped into Article 71, it will be appropriate for the right and legal  procedures to be adopted in amending the Constitution to make it lawful. 

In its current illegal form, the PNC is totally against the recommendation and calls for it to  be withdrawn. The PNC will not hesitate to join the good people of Ghana in fighting for  the recommendation to be dropped through all lawful and legitimate means. 


Hon Moses Dani Baah

National Chairman

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