Police brutality: Fear grips my son anytime he sees a policeman – Father

The 28-year-old young man assaulted by two policemen at Koforidua Railway Police Station in the Eastern Region Dodzi Alegbe, has been left hugely traumatized after the brutality he suffered, his father has revealed.

According to Mr Daniel Alegbe, his son now becomes terrified whenever he steps out and sees a policeman, as it reminds him of his painful experience.

General Sergeant Patrick Amoako and General Lance Corporal Isaac Marfo have been interdicted on the orders of the Acting Inspector-General of Police, James Oppong Boanuh after they were captured on tape assaulting the suspect for allegedly stealing GH¢1,600.00 from his employer.

The suspect, identified as Dodzi, was handcuffed and whipped with bicycle tyres trimmed like a belt to force him to admit to the crime.

The suspect, following an interrogation, denied the theft allegations but the police will have none of it.

In an interview on Kasapa News, Mr Daniel Alegbe stated that his son after undergoing medical assessment has been referred to a psychologist for a counseling session to remove the fear of police in him.

“My son is doing well, he went to the hospital today for medical checkup and has been given some medicines to take. But the beatings have severely affected him. The doctor has referred my some to a psychologist because whenever he goes out and sees a policeman he suddenly becomes gripped with fear. That is the extent of impact the unfortunate brutality has had on my son.”


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