Police set up committee to investigate claims of suspected kidnapper

The Western Regional Police Command led by DCOP Redeemer Dedjoe has instituted a committee to investigate claims being made by the Nigerian Kidnapper, Samuel Wills; that he was aided by a CID to escape from lawful custody.

The Regional Public Relations Officer of the Western Regional Police Command, DSP Olivia Adiku revealed in an exclusive interview with Empire News’ Emmanuel Ohene-Gyan that the investigators have hit the ground running as they are in Takoradi gathering information.

The three-member Committee is expected to complete its work before February 18, 2019 the date the suspect will return to court.

Meanwhile, families of the three ladies who have been kidnapped for the past three months are calling for an identification parade of all CID officers at the Western Regional Police Command to expose the said officer who aided the suspected kidnapper to break jail.

The Prime suspect, Samuel Wills has disclosed to the District court in Takoradi that one Kwesi and a CID with the Takoradi Central Police Station aided him to escape from police custody.

Samuel Wills told His Worship Michael Ampadu that the said Kwesi provided him with oil to easily cut through the iron bars but failed to give more details about the role played by the CID.

When asked to give full details about Kwesi and the supposed CID, the accused requested the police to put together an identification parade so he can easily identify the said CID.

He also appealed to the court to give him some days to provide more details about the said Kwesi.

His Worship, Michael Ampadu subsequently gave him one week to provide the necessary details about the two people he claims aided him to escape.

The families whose relatives have been kidnapped by the accused are incensed after hearing the revelations and are demanding that the ‘criminal’ CID officer who they alleged is called Ametepe is exposed and dealt with according to law.

“We have laws in this country and they must work, so on Monday, we demand that all CID officials at the Central Police Station will be lined up for the suspect to point out which of them helped him to escape. We have all this while suspected one CID officer of aiding the suspect because any information we give to the Police this CID officer gives to the suspects. We give this CID officer one critical information that would have led to the rescue of the three girls but the kidnappers whisked the ladies away from their hideout just before the Police got there to rescue the girls. We believe this CID officer works with the kidnapper and knows where the ladies have been kept. Such a policeman must be prosecuted,” Linda Quayeson whose sister has been kidnapped told Kasapa News.

Samuel Wills is expected back in court on February 18.

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