Policeman forces woman to collect street garbage for littering

An officer of the Ghana Police Service has been captured in some pictures forcing a woman who threw waste out of a moving car to disembark and collect all the garbage along the stretch of the Kejetia road in Kumasi where she littered with a used sachet water bag.

The pictures have been widely circulated on social media.

Not too long ago, a citizen captured himself on video forcing an Indian man who dumped plastic waste along the Accra-Tema motorway while driving, to stop, walk all the way back to where he dumped the waste, t pick it up.

Also, in September last year, a middle-aged Chinese man was forced to collect his own faeces after he was caught easing himself in the garden of a Ghanaian with whom he shared a boundary.

It is not clear where the incident took place but the English- and Twi-speaking Ghanaian occupants of the property confronted the Chinese man while videoing the whole affair on their mobile phones.

The Chinese, who, in his embarrassment, hurriedly wiped himself clean with a tissue paper, kept apologising, as he abruptly truncated his ‘business’ and hurriedly wore his briefs and pair of trousers.

The Ghanaians insisted the Chinese man collect his own excrement from their property and transfer it onto his adjoining land.

The Chinese man asked his Ghanaian driver to clean it up on his behalf but he was forced to do it himself since the excrement was his and not his driver’s.

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