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Politicians should stop exaggerating – Pratt

Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr, has said hardship in Ghana is not a recent phenomenon, therefore politicians should stop exaggerating over the issue.

The veteran journalist said this in reaction to comments from some politicians, mainly from the National Democratic Congress after the Mid-Year Budget Review in Parliament, that there is hardship in Ghana.

“Ghana’s hardship started a long time ago. I remember in 2000, inflation went up to 45%, money supply went up to 50%.

“In 1985 when we were under the structural adjustment programme, about 3,000 workers were laid off. Petrol has always been increased consistently from the 1970 till now, so the hardships have always been there,” he stated on Peace FM, monitored by

Mr Pratt added that politicians should be truthful and transparent with citizens so that they are not surprised when there is a general increment in the prices of goods and services.

“What surprises people is that when a political party wants to come to power they speak as if there is no difficulty and they can take away all the hardships in a few years of governance. They always say they will reduce petrol and electricity prices but the prices always go up, that is what is worrying the people,” he added.


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