Politicisation of security agencies cause of insecurity in the country- Sam George

The Ningo-Prampram MP, Sam Nartey George, says the problem of insecurity in the country primarily stems from the politicisation of security agencies across the country.

According to him, politicians across the political divide have become fond of using the might of state security agencies to exact revenge as well as perform personal tasks that could have easily been addressed using the rule of law.

He said the continuous politicisation of the state security agencies forebodes doom for the country.

Speaking on JoyNews’ AM Show Wednesday, he said, “we’ve got some of the finest security operatives in this country, but politicians over the years – and this is not an NPP problem, it is not an NDC problem, it is across the aisle, all parties we’ve done this.

“It may be worse in one than the other, but we are all guilty of it, and there’s no small sin or big sin. The politicisation of our security apparatus is what the problem is.”

He was speaking concerning the invasion of the Chamber of Parliament on the eve of the inauguration of the 8th Parliament by armed soldiers following a tussle between Members of Parliament on the floor of the house.

According to him, the leader of the soldiers, Colonel Punamani, could not have acted of his own volition.

“Let me ask you a question, do you think Colonel Joseph Punamani, who led the soldiers into the Chamber of Parliament would have, on his own, walked into the Chamber like that?

“He’s a trained soldier, a cadre of the Ghana Armed Forces; he won’t do it. It is simply because some politician somewhere gave an order.”

He stated that due to the involvement of some political figure in the invasion of Parliament, all measures to achieve redress will be futile.

“And that is why even though we want to do an investigation into it, we will not really go far with it. We would do shadow boxing, but the real substance of the issue is that Colonel Punamani did not command his men in there on his own accord.

“It will be akin to treason. Storming the floor of Parliament with armed soldiers is akin to the overthrow of Parliament. But he did it on the orders of somebody.”

He advised that politicians use the rule of law to address their issues rather than making guard dogs out of security officers for personal use.

“If I’m not happy with Collins and I’m in government, I shouldn’t use the might of the state to show where power lies; I should use the rule of law.

“If today he’s in governemnt, and he thinks that I’ve done something wrong, he should not say that because he’s in government, he’ll pick a phone, and they’ll dispatch three soldiers to come and slap me. No. and sadly, that’s what ACP Agordzo said, and he’s being punished,” he said.


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