Polygamy: Missionaries defiled Africa’s marriage system –  Pastor

Pastor Daniel Eshun of the Temple of Faith Gospel Church says European missionaries owe Africans an apology for downgrading traditional marriage system and imposing their western version on Africans.

The pastor and author of “How did Polygamy Become a Sin? in his contribution to the debate on whether Christians can marry more than one woman stated that, there is nowhere in the Bible that God condemns polygamy.

Polygamy comes in two forms; Polygyny (Marriage of one man to two or more women) and Polyandry (marriage of one woman to two or more men).

Pastor Eshun argued that the accepted form of polygamy in Ghanaian African culture is polygyny, but missionaries who brought Christianity to Ghana deceived the locals that their form of marriage under ordinance which requires a man to marry just one woman is what God acknowledges.

“They demonized polygyny and imposed ordinance marriage (what this generation term as Christian white wedding) on us. That is not even biblical. It’s is carnal as it governed by the laws of the land of Europeans.

“The Bible respects the culture of people, and that is evident in the lives of patriarchs in the Bible,” he stressed.
Challenged on the words of Paul that for man should find his own wife and a woman a man of his own, if he is burning with passion in 1 Cor 7:9 ; he said Paul’s words were in a particular context to the people of Corinth and must not be confused to mean a man must marry just one wife.

He added that Africans, Ghanaians for that matter are confused and must be reoriented to go back to polygyny.
A similar argument has been put up by the General overseer of Prophet Meshech Aboh, General Overseer of International Pure Fire Chapel (IPFC).

He has also written a book on this debatable topic title Is Polygamy a Sin?

The Prophet insists polygyny is the way to go and is on a vigorous campaign to educate Ghanaians on why it’s important to go back to polygyny.

Call Prophet Aboh for further details and marriage counselling needs on 0244 64 06 42 / 020 428 9969


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