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Power on display: Dampare interdicts four policemen

The inspector general of police has seen to it that four police officers are facing the consequences of their actions.

It’s high time police officers themselves abide by the law and not abuse the power they have been given. The major duty or priority of a police officer is to ensure that his people are protected from all sort of crime and other activities.

However, we are seeing some police officers doing things that brings them so low and taint the credibility or dignity in the police service. This is why such police officers need to be dealt with at all times and at all cost.

Dampare is seeing to it that this becomes a reality and we are happy to see someone finally deciding to effect a change not only in the criminal world but also among his own people. At the northern region where some police officers were asked to arrest some people involved in power thefts and many others, the officers brutalized them along others who report claim were innocent. This led to some injuries and according to the Ghana police is a barbaric and unprofessional act.

The police officers have been interdicted and will be disciplined as required in the police code of conduct. The Ghana police after releasing a press statement today revealed that these individuals were to be arrested without these acts and this is the result of the punishment being meted out to them.

These officers deserve this punishment because we cannot sit and watch law makers and officers of the law break it and go scot free. Ghanaians will not remain victims to police brutalities because this will be a breach of the law. Police are not allowed to do this and we are happy about the new measures taken by Dampare to battle these crimes.

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