Praise Akufo-Addo for saving Ghanaians from death – Ken Agyapong

An outspoken lawmaker for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong wants President Nana Addo Dankwa praised by Ghanaians for saving them from death through suicides as a result of frustration.

He is of the opinion that certain decisions taken in the interest of the economy has saved the investments of hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians who would have committed suicide but for his intervention.

In an interview monitored by, he said but for the decision by the government of the day to consolidate most of the struggling banks, the savings of over 1.3 million Ghanaians would have gone waste and many may have died as a result.

“When the NPP government assumed power, it consolidated all these banks…I had my money with Royal Bank and I still have my account there. If not so the number of people who would have died in this country out of frustration would have been unimaginable. The consolidation saved 1.3 million Ghanaians who have their savings in these banks and Akufo-Addo must be praised.

Kennedy Agyapong in giving a brief what culminated into this said “Duffuor’s banks and the rest caused a lot of havoc to the country. I keep asking when they took monies from people from airport city what did they use the money for? Some of them went into bad business and others use their money for politics. Capital bank was supported with GH¢600 million by Mahama but they used GH¢130 million to establish Sovereign Bank and when they got the license they withdrew GH¢100 million of the money and left GH¢30 million. All these things went on…Royal Bank and the rest. The government has borrowed about GH¢9 billion to cushion these banks if not so it would be like what is happening in Venezuela. You will have your money sitting in your bank account but you are unable to withdraw”

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