Pratt uncovers the plight of PHD holders in Ghana

Kwesi Pratt Jr, Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper has revealed the woes of PHD holders in the country with regard to their marketability and working conditions even after they are employed.

Speaking on popular talk show “Good Morning Ghana” on Metro TV, Wednesday, Mr Pratt lamented the unemployment situation in the country.

“I know of a PHD holder who had to struggle for three straight years before getting a job. This wasn’t a Doctorate on areas like marketing but in Planning.  

“The many lecturers in the country are working under poor conditions. You can approach them and find out for yourself how -much they are remunerated and whether they can make ends meets,” he told host of the Show, Randy Abbey and co panelist Eric Twum.

The veteran journalist reiterated that the state of unemployment is bad and urged government to take steps to address the situation that directly feeds into the economic situation of the country.

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