Pratt wades into Rambo style arrest of Citi News journalist by National Security

Kwesi Pratt Jr, Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper has waded into the report of Citi FM journalists’ arrest.

According to Mr Pratt, the security operatives caused unnecessary scuffle when they could have engaged the management of the media house to retrieve the video in question.

Contributing to a number of issues bothering on governance on Good Morning Ghana on Wednesday, he added that the video is not of any value.
“I understand that National Security Ministry is not a public zone. The journalist’s commentary that the National Security was purchasing vehicles at a time when the country is cash-strapped is not something that has any security value.

“So, the National Security could have spoken to the matter debunking the report, as the cars are said to have been seized and not purchased with tax payers’ money as the reporter sought to communicate,” Mr Pratt said.

In his estimation, the Public Relations department of the National Security should have been the ones to address the matter.

Samuel Atta Mensah, CEO of Citi News when approached indicated that Caleb Kudah, the journalist at the center of the issue was not on official assignment.

However, Mr Pratt asserted that, the claim was not rightly placed. “Journalists’ practice is not restricted to assignments. If I chance on a story of interest while on my way from here, do I have to go for permission from the office before covering the story? As long as it is in the interest of public good it shouldn’t cause such a reaction. It should have been handled in a calm manner, rather than the Rambo style arrest of Caleb Kudah,” he added.

Media reports however indicate that the operatives stormed the premises of Citi News located at Adabraka to pick up the journalist, Caleb Kudah and another colleague, Zoe Abu-Baidoo.

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