Pray for our judges, they hold key to Ghana’s peace now – Calvary Charismatic Centre pastor

Christians and other religious sects in the country are being advised to pray for the Supreme Court judges as Ghana is set to witness another election petition hearing.

Residence Pastor at the Calvary Charismatic Centre, Rev Joshua Obeng, says at the moment, the judges hold the key to maintaining the peace in the country.

The 2020 general elections have witnessed pockets of demonstrations from the NDC across the country refuting the results.

After about 20 days, the NDC are heading to the Supreme Court to challenge the results.

At the cross over church service at the church in Kumasi, Rev Joshua Obeng, says praying for Supreme Court judges who will hear the course is critical to sustenance of Ghana’s peace.

“Since we have confidence in the court and judges, what we need to pray is wisdom for them so that when they sit on the case, wherever justice needs to be put, they will put it where it supposed to be.

We really need to pray for our court that our court will continue to keep the route of justice and foundation of justice in our nation and that is where the church plays a part where we pray for our judges that they will judge in wisdom,” he said.

The outcome of last month’s general election has meanwhile, also resulted in tensions in some parts of the country.

Rev Obeng however says the continuous disagreements on political issues should not divide the country.

“Disagreement does not mean there shouldn’t be peace and that is what we need to understand.”

He continued that, “as pastors we really have a role playing in making sure that the disagreement of Ghanaians whether you are NDC or NPP does not get to the point where people are picking up knifes and weapons against each other.

“Disagreement does not mean that we are in a fight, it just disagreement about ideologies and we need to encourage that and still maintain our peace.”

Head Pastor of CCC, Pastor Ransford Obeng, led the congregation to pray for wisdom to make the right decisions as the New Year begins.

He preached hope for 2021 and beyond.

“2020 was a difficult year, this whole coronavirus hit us and so by the grace of God every single Ghanaian who is alive today have a course and a reason to thank God.

The fact that we are alive means that there is hope for 2021 and there is still hope for many of the things that we want to do or see us a country. So we need to rejoice and bless God for the possibilities in 2021.”

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