President Weah not a pastor but …

President George Weah’s submission to not only listen to sermons of religious leaders, but preach in his church has ranked him in the eyes of his die-hard supporters as an inspirational teacher, according to interviews conducted in Monrovia.

President Weah, who was for the first time seen delivering a message from the Gospel at his Thinker’s Village Jamaica Resort a few months ago, has not only preached at the Bishop Isaac Winker’s Dominion Christian Fellowship Center in Cong Town, but established a family fellowship Church named Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Center Church, where he delivered his sermons.

In a radio interview recently on the Truth Breakfast Show (TBS). Reverend Emmanuel Nimley, the religious advisor to Weah, said the President is “not a pastor, but an inspirational teacher in the house of God.”

Nimley is the general overseer of the Weah’s Family Fellowship Center Church, and the Pastor-in-charge that is clothed with the authority to determine who preaches or shares an inspirational messages with members of the congregation.

“We have been meeting at Weah’s residence in the Rehab community along the Roberts Field Highway even before he became a senator. I mean in the early part of 2014, he decided to open his home to the neighbors, and asked us to begin a devotional mission there. But now that we have grown large in numbers, he thought we should have a church,” he said.

Nimley, who was in studio with the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)’s national chaplain general, now director at the Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC), Fetus Logan and Melvin G. Dahn, head of the government’s recent Thanksgiving and intercessory service, said the President is a ‘humble leader.’ The service was held at the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center.

“We don’t want to be politically correct or incorrect, but it is a reality when we say that there is stability in our peace and democracy. It is a fact that the growth in our gross domestic product (GDP) has risen from 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent, and it is expected to reach at least 4.7 percent in this second year of the CDC governance process,” he boasted.

Nimely added that before Weah became President, prices of basic commodities were to some extent uncontrollable, but since Weah got into power, he is making the difference by having some control over the major commodities.

Nimley added, “the Bible says if the righteous rule, the people enjoy.”

For how long people should be patient to see the change they have voted for was not made clear, but Nimely, “the man of God”, said commodities are stabilizing and will get better day by day.”

On the public perception that those are around President Weah are not advising him the right way to move the country forward, Nimley said people’s opinions will always filter in, but as far he is concerned, Weah has not been ill-advised, neither have they seen something wrong happening in the negative.

“It is true that there are challenges, and the opinions of people will continue to filter in, but what good will it do for us if we become arrogant or unprofessional regular talk show contributors in the name of advising the President? We are doing our job, and we are very confident that we are proceeding well,” he said.

Nimely added that Weah is a leader who listens, and so he is not heartless.

“In fact, you won’t believe that the President is always humble to ask questions when he needs understanding about something, and that he is not a dictator as assumed by his critics,” he said.

Festus Logan said President Weah, who called for the intercessory service marking the end of his first year in office, is a great leader in whom Liberians should build their confidence and trust to develop the country.

“President Weah is a gift from God to us. He is a leader who cares for his people, and is always willing to make sacrifices in the interest of the people,” Logan said.

“One year into office without trouble as other people have projected, is a great gain in our governance system. In fact, we have achieved in a year than any other government’s first year in office,” Nimely boasted.

“Having a leader who believes that his success has always come from God, is great and our fellow citizens need to know that we have a reason to be happy for so many things to God has done for us as a nation through President Weah,” Dahn said.

“If no one else wants to be happy under Weah’s presidency, a lots of residents who organized this and that, and so I will always be happy because I don’t have to struggle to pay WASCE fee, and tuition for my children at all public universities and colleges,” he said, adding that the roads that are undergoing construction across the country should also give any good citizen a reason to appreciate God for Weah.

Over time some pundits have said that President Weah’s involvement with a church as a preacher is a complete distraction from his role as a President while others have said Weah is in no error even if he becomes an ordained Pastor.

Their argument is that former President William R. Tolbert was a church leader and head of government at the same time.

Weah, on the other hand, is fond of repeatedly narrating his life story which is being known as one full of difficulties leading to his success in his football career and now president.

Regardless of where he is found, President Weah has told gatherings that he is the one who paid the tuition for his Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel D. Tweah, among several others who have come to benefit from him over the years.


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