Pretending to solve flood challenges “unintelligent” – Randy Abbey

Randy Abbey has taken a swipe at state authorities for the perennial flooding that engulfs the nation during raining season, saying “in this country, we allow development to precede planning”.

He said the perpetual floods that destroy properties and take human lives annually are as a result of poor planning over the years.
According to him, successive governments have paid lip service to the prevailing challenges, stressing that, “the rhetoric has become one too many”.

“It is only in Ghana that we develop before we start to plan. But in other serious jurisdictions that is not the norm.

“People occupying state offices and agencies must wake up and face reality. If we continue to pretend to solve the problem, the rains will forever cause damage and after one year we will come to lament,” the veteran journalist cum football administrator stated on Joy News’ political show “News File” on Saturday.

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Randy adds that the “politicization” of deliberations when matters of such nature come up has largely contributed to the existing challenges.

“Anytime a government decides to take action on people who have built on waterways, we try to play politics with it.

“Views of politicians depend on the side of the fence they sit. We whip up public sentiments against the government of the day, and on several occasions, they chicken out for fear of being voted against,” Randy added.

Randy’s comments come on the back of severe flooding in parts of Accra on Monday, June 18 after heavy late evening rains.
The country was saddened by the story of a young female physician who drowned in the flood waters while returning home from work.

Dr. Aya Hayfron, a medical doctor who recently completed her housemanship at Ridge Hospital, died when her saloon vehicle was swept away by rapid flood waters.

Also, the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) on Tuesday retrieved the bodies of two persons said to have drowned in rapid flood waters following the heavy rains.

Four other persons who live around areas hit by the floods remain missing, Greater Accra Regional NADMO Coordinator, Archibald Cobinah, is reported to have said.

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