Prince-Boateng settles debate between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Debates in football don’t come much bigger than Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi.

Just the mention of the two names can split a room of football fans down the middle, with some declaring Ronaldo as the greatest of all time and others turning to Messi.

There is just so little separating the two superstars with both Messi and Ronaldo boasting incredibly tight goal and assist records as well as wielding five Ballon d’Or titles apiece.

Those on the side of Ronaldo argue that he is the greatest goal-scorer of all time, citing his incredible work ethic, athleticism and recent dominance in the Champions League.

He is often viewed as the most ‘complete’ player with his skills in the air, strength and pace.

Meanwhile, the argument for Messi often revolves around his raw talent that is so apparent in his mazy dribbles and stunning individual goals.

Fans often note that he plays the most ‘beautiful’ football, refer to his domestic dominance with Barcelona and his slight age advantage.

No matter how long the argument goes on for, though, opinions will continue to differ and there’s no reason to suggest they’ll be a clear winner when both retire.

However, that doesn’t stop big-name professionals from picking their favourites and that includes numerous players who have shared the pitch with both.

Although not the biggest name in football and certainly past his peak now, the Ghanaian midfielder gave one of the greatest answers to the Ronaldo-Messi debate with Marca this week.

When asked about the rivalry, he replied: “For young people who are football players, Ronaldo should be the best in the world.

“He is the best example to look at because he trains to the fullest and has talent. He works like a madman, he is passionate with everything he does and about football.

“He always wants to be the best. He always wants to be first in everything, so, for a player who is just starting, the one to look at should be him because he is perfect.

“Ronaldo makes all of this happen in this world, but only in this world,” he added. “In what transcends this world, the best is Messi, because he is incredible, he does things that nobody can do. I do not see him in this world.

“Ronaldo dominates this world and Messi is above everything else.”

Fair play to Boateng, that’s quite the answer.

The ex-AC Milan midfielder believes that Ronaldo is the perfect example for his incredible work ethic and is the best in the world, but that Messi is out of this world.

He ultimately believes that Messi should be considered the superior despite all his due praise for Ronaldo.

And although Boateng might not be seen as the most important voice of reason in the ‘beautiful game,’ he is pretty well versed having played against both.


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