Prioritise Ashanti Region in your second term – Kumasi voters to Nana Addo

Some residents of Kumasi have urged President Akufo-Addo to prioritise the development of the Ashanti Region during his second term in office.

According to them, President Akufo-Addo’s attention during his first term was consumed by the Free SHS policy.

While acknowledging its importance, they stressed their desire for him to turn his attention towards the other needs of residents in the Region.

Improving the region’s road network and healthcare system are among the many things they have requested of the President.

They believe that addressing these needs is, in a sense, Nana Addo’s show of appreciation to them for having helped him renew his mandate.

“If we the Ashantis have given him another mandate, he should turn his attention to us a little, because we really supported and helped him achieve the Presidential slot,” one said.

Another added: “Like he mentioned that 2021 will be Part 2 of ‘Year of Roads and other infrastructure, we expect that all those measures will be actualised. We want him to do the Oforikrom and Suame interchanges for us”.

“We also expect the government to be able to make our healthcare better because we really need that”.

President Akufo-Addo was sworn into office to start his second term in office on Thursday, January 7.

Although his win is being challenged by the National Democratic leader, John Mahama, the President, in his inaugural speech expressed gratitude to Ghanaians for giving him a second mandate and asked for the help of Ghanaians to bring the dreams of the nation’s forebears to fruition.

He described his re-election as “a demonstration of the confidence and trust” of the Ghanaian electorate “not only in appreciation for the achievements chalked throughout my first four years but more significantly for the considerable amount of work that is to be done over the next four years, in our drive to take our nation firmly onto the path of progress, prosperity and development, following the havoc wreaked by Covid-19.”


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