Probe sale of gov’t lands in Ho – Asogli Chiefs

The Chiefs of the Asogli state in the Volta region are calling for a non-partisan investigation into the sale of government lands in Ho over the past years.

The chiefs also want the government to take steps to write any wrongs that have been committed.

The call by the chiefs is in support of an earlier statement released and signed by Mr Adzone Emmanuel on behalf of the ‘Ho central electorate’ and members of Ho municipal assembly calling on the government to probe the sale or sharing of government lands in Ho.

The chiefs also in a statement said they did receive complaints about the illegal sale of government lands to which various stools and families hold allodia title.

The chiefs described as “sad that people who have offered to lead us will exploit their privileged positions and appropriate our lands among themselves and their cronies.”

“We the chiefs of Asogli state, hereby, calls for a thorough nonpartisan investigation of the sale of government lands over the past 10 years and for steps to be taken to write any wrongs that have been committed,” the tradition leaders said.

They assured the government of their full cooperation stating that they look forward to being represented on any group that will be constituted to undertake the investigation.


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