Professor Kwaku Asare: What’s the EC’s directive on Guan constituency?

I opposed the EC’s Guan directive, on grounds that all voters must take part in the general elections.

It should be obvious that creating a new constituency after the general elections for constituents to vote to retroactively have a say in the general election is, of course, absurd and unconstitutional.

But I must confess that I did not expect the effect of the constitutional faux pas to come to bite so soon.

Based on multiple reports, the Parliamentary results are as follows:

NPP —— 137

NDC —— 137

IND ——- 1

NVY ——- 1

First, Guan has not voted yet ( NVY) but must vote before January 7, unless the EC wants to take away their voice in the opening of the 8th Parliament.

Such an omission is unprecedented and may very well be an impeachable offense since it is a willful violation of the Constitution that strikes at the heart of representation.

Second, there is going to be an even-numbered Parliament (275 + 1 = 276).

Third, depending on the outcome of the Guan “general-bye” election, Parliament could very well be evenly split. At best, one party may have a majority of 1.

Fourth, the tie makes the “general-bye” election even more significant because the new Guan MP could very well be the vote that determines who the next Speaker is.

Lastly, even though much has been made about the EC’s arithmetical errors, the Guan error may be its biggest headache.

It must marshal all resources to hold that election before January 7 or go down in permanent infamy.

The lesson here is inescapable. There is no room for violating the Constitution and when it is violated we must say so intensely and immediately. Violations always come back to bite us.

Join the GOGO movement for GOGO.

Da Yie!

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