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Protect workers from expatriate employer ‘bullying’ — CPP

The Conventions People’s Party (CPP) has called on the government to ensure a harmonious relationship among the working population in the country, especially from what it called “the bullying hands of some expatriate employers”.

The party said the government must make it one of its major priorities to protect workers and “never must anyone trample on the rights of workers and go unpunished”.

In a statement issued and signed by the CPP’s acting General Secretary, Mr James Kwabena Bomfeh, to mark this year’s May Day celebration, the party said the government owed workers the duty to ensure that the country had good working conditions for the citizens.

The party said it desired to see the government working in the interest of Ghanaian workers, especially in budgeting, signing contracts and enforcing the labor law.

May Day

May Day, also known as Labour Day, is a public holiday in Ghana and many countries worldwide.

The day is usually marked on May 1, but the date varies across countries. It is associated with the celebration of workers.

The theme for Ghana May Day celebration this year was: “Labour and Nation Building: Fifty Years and Beyond.”

Don’t be silent

The statement employed Ghanaian workers never to remain silent or act with impunity but express their views in respectable and appealing tone.

It said the era of unguided noisy agitations were over, adding that “in their place diplomacy filled with tolerance for diversity pervades”.

While advancing the rights of workers, the party urged workers to be responsible in carrying out their part in building the nation, indicating that “right comes with responsibilities and it is incumbent on our labour front to be conscious of that”.

The statement urged Ghanaian workers not to focus primarily on the material gains of salary increases or bonuses but rather seek training and retraining to add their knowledge and skills to compete better in today’s ever competitive market.


The party expressed gratitude to the country’s workforce and stressed that no nation or organisation had prospered without an active working population.

“We salute Ghanaian workers wherever they are, home and abroad, private or public, in this exercise; we make special mention of the security forces that are in many ways kept out of the scope of organised labour. They form part of workers even if they are sensitive in nature,” it said.

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