Publish the report or face our massive demo – Kwaku Annan sends a strong message to IGP

The IGP, Mr Dampare might be on a hot seat as Kwaku Annan threatens to take action against him. On the Seat Show on Monday night, Kwaku Annan has sent a word to the IGP to make available the report on the killing of Ahmed Suale some time ago. Speaking and commending the police about the work done on the alleged kidnap of the Takoradi woman, he recalled that there were other reports on violent incidents in the country that have not been published by the police. He alleged that his findings indicate that the report on Ahmed Suale’s death was secured with the IGP so if he has been able to publish this so quickly then he has to do same with the others in his possession. “I know you have the report and I also know there are a lot of pressures coming on you, but don’t succumb to the pressure not to bring those reports out. If you don’t bring out the reports, we will take to the streets of all regional capitals in a massive demonstration against you, with or without police approval. So please and please, publish them as soon as possible to avoid the impending action”, Kwaku Annan sounded in conclusion.

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