Pure Akan’s hiatus ends on August 12 with ‘Nyame Mma’ album

After taking to social media to announce that his sophomore album was going to be a gospel album, Pure Akan is here with the title.

The title, now known as ‘Nyame Mma’ was broadcast alongside a release date and a cover art ending the hiatus after his 2017 debut Onipa Akoma.

‘Nyame Mma’ which has been in the works for close to 3 years comes with a dark and grainy cover which presents Akan engulfed by 2 women and 11 children. 

Pure Akan's hiatus ends on August 12 with 'Nyame Mma' album

Known for the dense cultural references in his music, the rapper appears wrapped in a Kente and a staff, connoting his ever-growing interest in Ghanaian culture.

He stands in as the linguist and mouthpiece of the forefathers and to inform the younger generation of their African values and history.

Even though the news comes with no information about the tracklist or features, a tweet by producer Twistedwavex, revealed the rapper in the studio with Ayisi, which many have suspected could be a sign of the singer appearing on the album.

The album is scheduled for release on August 12, and fans are eager to know the message Akan has in store for them.


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