Rawlings and the indemnity clause

Is Ex-President Rawlings innocent of the numerous allegations of human rights abuses leveled against him?

If he believe so, why the indemnity clause in our constitution?

Why can’t he and his fellow coup makers (or revolutionaries) be tried for the role they played in their “saintly service” to our country?

Why is the chief apostle of the doctrine of probity and accountability hiding behind the thick veil of the indemnity clause?

I humbly dare the ex-President to champion a campaign to remove the indemnity clause from our constitution if he genuinely believe in his self acclaimed integrity. Sure, let the justice he claims to seek for the ordinary people begin with him campaigning for the removal of the indemnity clause from our constitution. Let us bring him and the many others to the law courts to prove their innocence. Then and only then, will he earn the respect of myself and the many others who bought into his doctrine of probity and accountability as a man of justice.

Let Mr Rawlings cease from his rants. Some of us are trying to put behind us the loss of our loved ones during his reign of terror. The last thing we need is a reminder that Saint Rawlings killed “our loved sinners” and proceeded to indemnify himself against the same principle he misapplied in executing others.

For those of you who never knew…
Amedume died for a loan of GHS5…yet the gloomy purchase of Nsawam cannery by the wife of President Rawlings is perceived saintly.

Afrifa was brought to the stakes after he had retired from the army.

My grandfather was abducted from his cocoa farm, brought to Nsawam and killed for being a relative of General Acheampong….

And three innocent judges we abducted and murdered under the watch of Chairman Rawlings.

Those were painful times….I beg you Mr Rawlings, learn to be quiet. Your defense of your integrity is flawed.

Barimah Kofi Asare Kyei-Baffour

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