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Reconsider Emile Short C’ssion’s recommendation on reforms at nat’l security – CDD to gov’t

The Centre For Democratic Development (CDD has urged the government to consider the Emile Short Commission’s recommendation and observations on reforms at the National Security.

CDD noted that the Short Commission’s recommendation that operatives of the National Security Council should be trained to internalize human rights rules including the provisions on the fundamental human rights of the Constitution within their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have not been heeded or implemented due to the incidents at the National Security compound involving Mr. Kudah and on the CITI FM premises, including the attempt to arrest Ms Zoe Abu Baidoe of CITI FM.

CDD in a statement said that it believes that: “Not only is a total change in orientation needed and long overdue, the current architecture of National Security, including the lines of accountability, authority, command, and responsibility, also needs a relook.”

The statement follows the incident of Caleb Kudah’s assault by some national security operatives for taking videos of some MASLOC vehicles which have been abandoned at the Ministry of National Security on 11th May 2021.

CDD-Ghana urged the government to seize upon this incident as an opportunity to pursue more far-reaching reforms in the National Security’s operations.


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