Referendum: Establish Independent investigations into over-voting videos – ASEPA

The Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) has called for an independent investigations into the alleged over voting and other irregularities that was recorded during the Referendum for the creation of New Regions in December last year.

The EC on Tuesday said its internal investigations do not point to any irregularities or wrongdoing by the EC officials who were deployed to the various stations on the day.

“After analyzing the videos and conducting the necessary investigations our conclusion is that the videos are not real; the videos circulated on the social media, presents crucial questions for consideration,” citing that officials of the Commission who were involved in this scandal were not in the appropriate E.C jacket that was given to them to wear for easy identification, a Deputy Commissioner, Samuel Tetteh said at a Press yesterday.

The Election Management Body(EMB) therefore asked the Police to quicken its investigations into  the alleged malpractices and irregularities that characterised the referendum.

But ASEPA in a statement maintained that the reason as provided by the EMB is seriously frivolous and cannot be the basis for the unwarranted dismissal of such serious allegations.

“Apart from the low turn out during the Referendum which in a serious way corroborates the videos that went viral, there other prevailing circumstances that needs to be seriously interrogated alongside the videos to be able to come out with any meaningful conclusion or report.

“We strongly believe the E.C cannot be capable of investigating itself in a matter that brings their own image under public scrutiny, it is serious smack of conflict of interest and we therefore call for an independent investigations into the videos and the other relevant evidences that were provided to the E.C after the Referendum to re-instil some confidence in the work of the current Commission.”

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