Relationship: How to get away with cheating

Committed partners are the ones who mostly get hurt in relationships as they invest so much expecting to receive similar treatment in return.

Sadly, they lose out! Not because they have not done enough, but have not paid attention to some key pointers in a relationship.

If you belong to this group, worry not, because regardless of how smart your partner gets with you; there’s always a way to go about it.

If you’re dating a really smart partner who is always getting away with cheating- here’s how you will know he’s trying to deceive you into thinking you’re his or her ONLY boo.

1. He or she puts his phone on airplane mode instead of turning it off.
It’s natural to raise eyebrows if your partner out of the bloom starts to put off his phone. It would be very difficult for him to explain why suddenly, it’s becoming a habit to turn off his or her phone. On the other hand, if the phone slips to airplane mode… It’s okay… It’s a machine! If the machine of your partner suddenly and frequently slips to airplane mode… You should be advising him or her to get a new trouble-free phone otherwise, it’s a way to get away from you in a TECHNICAL way.

2. He or she deliberately leaves his phone in view but conceals content.
Thanks to technology, you can see things but won’t know a thing. People are fast developing tactics to catch cheating partners, so most cheats have also upgraded. If he or she used not to leave the phone in the open but does so now, but in a way that leaves you with no info; watch it, he or she’s deluding you!

3. He or she posts your photo on social media
Normally, a man or woman seeking to cheat will keep you out of his social media connections. Now, it has become obvious he or she’s trying to keep you out; so, they will simply add you and use you for profile picture to divert your attention. Trust me there are people who will still want to cling even if you’re in the picture. Better still, you can pass for a sister, cousin, or any female relative and if it’s the woman she can say, it’s her brother or cousin.

4. Unexplained pampering
Well, partners pamper each other especially in good times. However, if everything seems normal and there hasn’t been any news of promotion but he or she suddenly comes home happy to cheer you up and pamper you, look further.
He or she giving enough attention to avoid being caught giving that attention somewhere else.

5. He or she initiates love making often and fails to do it
He or she used to initiate lovemaking and carry out the deed. He or she is mostly not at home but at meetings and yet he or she teases you for lovemaking but actually doesn’t do it.
You know why, he or she is trying to tell you he or she loves you above everything but is actually very tired from the same act from another person.


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