Rent Control to write tenancy agreement for landlords and tenants

Tenancy agreement between landlords and tenants will soon be written by the Rent Control Department.

This is to stem any disagreements between the two parties which has existed over the years.

The new agreement will also be a win-win situation unlike previous agreement where the landlords tend to benefit more than the tenants.

On Sunday 24 May, 2020, a landlord at Ofankor in Accra shot a tenant for refusing to quit his premises. The landlord claimed he pulled the trigger as self-defense.                                                                                                                 

But according the Chief Rent Officer, Twumasi Ampofo, drafting a tenancy law for landlords and their tenants will help reduced the tensions that exist between the two.

“The rent control department and the ministry will now write the tenancy agreement for both landlord and tenant and that will benefit both parties. The current regulation is not stringent enough and if nothing is done about it, one day landlords will insist that you kill guinea fowl for them every Sunday”, he told Starr FM.

He explained that the existing agreement tend to benefit the landlords.

“In the existing situation, tenancy agreements benefit landlords a lot than the tenant. Now, the ministry has realized that and a standard agreement has been drafted that benefits both parties”, he mentioned.


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