‘Retrieved skeletons not our girls’

Families of the kidnapped Taadi girls are still refusing to believe that the decomposed bodies found in the house of Samuel Udoetuk-Wills are actually “their girls”.

On Friday, officials from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) found three decomposed bodies, believed to be the missing Taadi girls at Kansaworodo.

The remains were retrieved form a manhole on a property near the hostel of the Methodist Girls Senior High School. According to reports, the property was previously occupied the key suspect in the kidnapping, Samuel Udoetuk-Wills.

According to the police, they are yet to confirm the identities to of the bodies pending forensic tests. The police are however yet to give an official statement on the matter.

Families of the girls are still in denial and keeping their hopes up as the wait for results from DNA tests.

In an interview with AdomTv, the mother of Ruth Love, one of the kidnapped girls, refused to accept to news of the death of her daughter. She insisted that information they have so far doesn’t add up.

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