REVEALED: Why Ghana’s only Women’s World Cup 2019 series stopped airing on Metro TV

Award-winning Ghanaian female sports journalist, Angela Akua Asante, popularly known as ‘Triple A’, has revealed why Metro TV halted airing her ‘Fabulous France’ series.

Angela was the only Ghanaian sports journalist who covered the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France where the United States of America emerged as the winners.

The first two episodes of her series reportedly drew positive feedback from Metro TV’s audience, motivating her “to produce a more complex set-up for Episode 3”, as she noted. According to her, however, the station failed to air the subsequent episodes of “Fabulous France with Triple A” without any formal communication.

Speaking exclusively to one of Ghana’s most gifted sportswriters, Samuel Ekow Amoasi Appiah, during the “Triple A tells her Story” interview, TITA Productions’ founder expressed her displeasure on how Metro TV disappointed her at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

“The first two episodes aired on Metro TV; something that gave me vim to continue. And then something happened and it turned out that they interrupted the broadcast,” the 29-year-old international football reporter recalled.

“So that was very difficult to take. Imagine yourself: you’re in Europe. You are breaking your back, filming, interviewing, translating, subtitling, mounting your videos alone — like you are doing everything alone and packaging everything for it to air in Ghana as per the agreement you had with the TV station and you end up being told that, ‘We cannot continue to air your content’… for some reasons that had been forecast!

“So that was super hard to take but Triple A does not break down. So I picked myself back up and I continued.”

The 2012 AIPS Young Reporters program alumnus concluded with some special advice to aspiring journalists:

“Whether you’re more into the entertaining side like I’m into, or you are more into the investigative side like Anas, you need to be able to talk without fear.

“I know that right now, with everything that I’ve said in this interview, I know that some people are going to be offended because I talked about Metro TV interrupting my thing… but I need to talk about it.

“I have a mouth and whatever happens — especially when it’s not professional — I cannot sweep it under the carpet.

“We need to talk about those things. I do not have animosity against anyone but we need to talk it out and we need to find a solution for future collaborations.”

Watch the full “Triple A tells her story” video interview with Samuel Ekow Amoasi Appiah as it premieres live on Triple A Network’s Facebook page at 20:00 GMT on Monday, August 12.

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