Review standing orders in Parliament to favour women – MP

The Women Caucus in Parliament wants a review of the standing orders of the house to enhance women participation in politics.

This position follows a recent incident in Kenya’s Parliament, where a woman MP was sent out of the Chamber for bringing her baby into the House.

The standing orders in Ghana’s Parliament places similar restrictions on members of the house.

Speaking to Citi News, Vice-Chairperson of the Women Caucus, Comfort Doyoe Ghansah said the campaign to get the standing orders reviewed will be pursued vigorously when Parliament resumes.

“We are encouraging more women to come into leadership so petty things will block women. You cannot prevent women from having babies so if you have babies how do you expect women in leadership to treat their newborn babies and you cannot say they should stay home for a whole year breastfeeding the baby so we have to push.”

“We need to start pushing for our standing orders to be looked at again so that we push for those things as women caucus then we will look at a lot of things as women. I cannot on my own be doing this or that but we will meet as a caucus and do all those things.”

Proceedings in the Kenyan National Assembly was on Wednesday morning halted when a Kenyan lawmaker brought her five-month-old daughter in with her.

She was asked to leave the Assembly.

MP Zulekha Hassan’s move drew the outrage from fellow politicians and the public.

The MP is a Woman Representative for Kwale located in southern Kenya.

Women representative seats are a constitutional move aimed at increasing the presence of women in the legislature.

There is one representative for each of the 47 counties.


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