Robbers attack couple, run with unspecified amount

A daylight robbery at Amanful, a suburb of Takoradi has left residents mesmerized about the “Hollywood” kind of drama staged in the process.

Residents say, the robbers trailed the couple from a bank where they had gone to withdraw a colossal amount of money.

The couple, suspecting danger, parked their private vehicle at East Amanful only to be bounced on by their attackers.

The armed men shot the thighs of their victims, took the bag containing the money, and rode off on their motorbikes in the full glare of the public.

The victims have since been rushed to the hospital for attention.

This is the third of series of crimes committed between Friday and Monday with the same mondus operandi.

The first incident happened on Friday evening at about 7 pm at Ahenkofi in the Metropolis where the robbers made away with all the money of a mobile money vendor after shooting him in the thigh.

The second incident happened at the Takoradi Harbour Taxi area on Saturday, where another mobile money vendor was also robbed at about 7 pm.


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