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Rockson dances off frustration after singing tactics failed to impress Frema Baby

Rockson of Date Rush has suffered eight heart breaks on the show and was hoping to try a new tactic on this episode but it still backfired.

It so happened that Frema Baby of TV3 Mentor appeared on the show and had the guys crushing over her.

So Rockson who had undone his cornrow hairstyle to flaunt a rather attractive afro hair decided to sing for the songstress.

Unfortunately, her rush was turned off as all the other guys surrounded him to comfort him from yet another heartbreak.

Eventually, Ima went home a happy man with Frema Baby as her date, as all the other guys licked their wounds.

Thankfully, Rockson seems to have gotten over his loss as he displayed an incredibly intricate dance move during the closing bash on the show.

In fact, he liberated his soul with the dance moves which seemed to be a way of consoling himself after so many disappointments on Date Rush show.

Anyway, better luck next time Rockson. He however has to keep dancing as he looks awesome displaying his dancing talents than singing.

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